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No more booms, diversify for good

The Zero Tele News 24 site hosts a Nippon News Network interview with Takuma Inagawa of Wakaze, where the interviewer asks him what he thinks is necessary for Japanese sake to enter worldwide markets following the increased popularity of Japanese… Continue Reading →

Giving thanks to the gods of fermentation

The Mainichi newspaper site covers a thanksgiving of sorts in Tochigi Prefecture, where members of the prefectural brewers association trekked up to the famous Nikkō Futarasan shrine to give thanks for the fertility and fermenting ability of the microbes that… Continue Reading →

Brewing for (long) life: Nagano’s new food promotion slogan

The Shinmai Web news site, which covers Nagano Prefecture, has a report on a new logo and slogan for promoting the area’s fermented food. Sporting four white circles with a mustard-yellow background, one with a smaller circle emerging from it… Continue Reading →

Testing new markets with tasting

The Mainichi Newspaper has an article about a stylish sake tasting set on sale in an unusual place – variety shops. In a slightly different vision of doom to the usual sake article (focusing on sake being seen as “uncool”… Continue Reading →

Small beginnings – transplanting rice seedlings

The Shokuhin Sangyo Shinbunsha News covers the transplanting of Kikusui variety sake-specific rice seedlings for the new growing season, in an event held by the Kikusui sake brewery. The brewery, based in Shibata in Niigata Prefecture, hosted 185 locals and guests… Continue Reading →

Celebrating 300 years of brewing with flowers (and their yeast)

The Sankei Biz site reports on a sake brewery celebrating its 300th anniversary with cherry blossoms – specifically the wild yeast found on them. The Fujinishiki brewery in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture has been making sake and fruit liqueurs for a… Continue Reading →

Ibaraki goes west – exports up two years in a row

The Ibaraki Newspaper Close Eye site reports on the state of the prefecture’s sake exports – looking up. According to statistics from the National Tax Agency, Ibaraki’s exports in 2016 rose by 14.2% compared to the previous year to reach… Continue Reading →

Daiginjō gateau chocolat

The Oita Press site reports on some new sweet treats available from the Hotel Nikko Oita Oasis Tower, made sweeter with local ryokucha green tea and sake from the Hamashima brewery, makers of Takakiya. Full of strong sake flavour, their gateau chocolat… Continue Reading →

Made in Japan all the way to the added shuzo alcohol

Another article from Shokuhin Sangyo Shinbunsha News, this time about something that doesn’t get a lot of coverage – the distilled alcohol used in non-junmai sake, otherwise known as aruten (from アルコール添加, arukōru tenka, alcohol-added). The six breweries that form… Continue Reading →

Catching up: sake goes strong

The J-Cast Trend site reports on a trend towards stronger sake, seen in a new product from the large Konishi brewery in Hyogo. Noting that beer and chūhai have already seen alcohol content creep up, the site points to the… Continue Reading →

After the IWC sake competition: what’s next for sake?

The Shokuhin Sangyo Shinbunsha (Food & Drink Industry Newspaper Company) has an article on the International Wine Challenge sake division, which took place in Yamagata last week, and some comments after the event from Master of Wine and sake promoter… Continue Reading →

Fukushima sees a rise in ginjō class sake

The Fukushima Minyū site reports on the growth of ginjō-class sake in Fukushima prefecture, which climbed to nearly 40% of sake sent outside of the prefecture in 2017 according to figures released by the prefecture and its brewers association. This… Continue Reading →

A short history of sake in the USA

The Nikkei Newspaper has a short piece on sake in the USA, noting that imports have increased by 50% over the last 10 years. While that’s been in the news a lot recently, the article concentrates on America’s long history… Continue Reading →

Nama doburoku at a cosy kōji cafe

The Hokuritsu Shinkansen Navi site reports on a kōji cafe opening in June that will sell unpasteurised doburoku – the “home brew” version of sake. Locals in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, are used to pouring doburoku for each other during the… Continue Reading →

Is sake too cheap?

The Mainichi News site reports on a crowdfunding campaign that highlights what might be a persistent issue for sake – price. A journalist received a promotional email from the Makuake crowdfunding site about a sake project that was allegedly attracting… Continue Reading →

Sake Competition 2018 announced

The Oricon News site reports on another round of a slightly different sake contest, Sake Competition 2018. Held since 2012, the contest focuses on sake sold commercially that the average person can easily get hold of. All the tasting is… Continue Reading →

Sake lands on Ibiza

Forbes Japan reports on sake reaching the small but infamous party island of Ibiza, off the south coast of Spain. The sake in question is Hakushika from Tatsuuma-Honke, a venerable brewery founded 356 years ago in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture… Continue Reading →

International Wine Challenge kicks off in Yamagata

The Nikkei newspaper covers the start of the International Wine Challenge sake division judging, which began in Yamagata on Sunday 13 May. Held this year in Yamagata City, the judging will take place over four days with 465 breweries submitting… Continue Reading →

The problem with tokutei meisho shu (part 2)

There was a lot in this article about the tokutei meisho shu system, here’s the rest. The Senkin brewery in Miyagi Prefecture does’t put terms like junmai ginjō or junmai daiginjō on their bottles. Asked why, Kazuki Usui, 11th generation head of the brewery, explained that consumers… Continue Reading →

The problem with tokutei meisho shu

The Nikkei Style site tackles an interesting question – when is a junmai daiginjō not a junmai daiginjō? The article is part of a series called “Today’s cutting edge of sake” that focuses on sake-related topics. Titled “If it’s a junmai… Continue Reading →

Return of the phantom sake

Biglobe News covers a story from the Kobe Shinbun newspaper about a “phantom” local sake that not only returned but had its shipping celebrated with a religious ceremony. (Or at least as religious as Japan normally gets.) Sansho (三笑, Three… Continue Reading →

Never mind the wine glasses – have sake in a sake glass

The Niconico News site covers the release of some new glasses – not for wine, but for sake. Specifically, for junmai. It opens by reminding the reader that Western drinks like wine, whisky and beer aren’t the only things that… Continue Reading →

Drawing overseas visitors out to the regions – with sake

The Jomo News site features an article by Yūmi Honma, member of a group that aims to draw tourists to the former Katashina area of Gunma Prefecture, speculating on how sake breweries can be used to draw overseas tourists out… Continue Reading →

A coffee shop with sweets and sake

Travel site Rurubu has an article on an unusual coffee shop in Kyoto that serves coffee, sweet treats… and sake. Just a minute’s walk from the north-eastern corner of Kyoto’s Daitokuji temple, Kissa Koan (喫茶狐菴, Fox’s Retreat Café, abbreviated to Kiss… Continue Reading →

Experimental trial of sake-brewing AI

The Nikkei XTech Active site reports on a joint experimental trial by Asashi Shuzō, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories for a predictive AI to be used in sake brewing. The aim of the trial is to put AI to practical use… Continue Reading →

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