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Plum drinks and young brewery owners

Work/Food/Life/Culture site Campanella, run by Nikkei Business, reports on a brewery that changed its approach to sake production based on its success with the plum “wine” ume-shu. Wakayama brewery Heiwa produces the daiginjo sake Kiddo, winner of a regional trophy… Continue Reading →

EU to abolish sake tariffs

This time, the news is in English! Although I first read about the dropping of tariffs in Japanese, it has also been widely reported outside of Japan. Japan and the World and Asia News Network report that exports of green… Continue Reading →

Building a better sake yeast

Another story that appeals to several of my interests, this time genetics! Saga University reports on a paper by a group of professors researching sake yeast, where they elucidate the secrets behind hundreds of years of selection of sake yeast, which… Continue Reading →

Sake brewed for Western food

PR Times reports on the sake Orbia from Wakaze, which has reportedly been created to match Western food such as French or Italian dishes. Wakaze has been exporting Orbia to Hong Kong, France (Paris), Singapore and Thailand since March 2017,… Continue Reading →

3 myths about sake

Myth #1: Sake is highly alcoholic It’s easy to see why people would think this – sake is traditionally served in tiny cups about the same size as shot glasses. For other drinks, alcohol content tends to bear an inverse… Continue Reading →

Sake at the Salon du Chocolat

A story relevant to more than one of my interests! PR Wire reports that the Japanese chocolate company Mary’s made a grand entrance at the 2017 Salon du Chocolat in Paris with their premium brand Tokyo Chocolate.  Their chef chocolatier… Continue Reading →

Sub-zero sparkling sake

Net Lab reports on the wildly successful crowdfunding of a sparkling sake drunk below freezing point – it reached its funding goal in just one day. Online and physical retailer Kurand, Sharp Corporation internal venture Tekion Lab, and Saitama’s venerable… Continue Reading →

Sake’s ups and downs

Thanks to Sake Jōhō (Sake Information) for today’s story! The article is from the Mainichi Shinbun Food section, titled “In the shadow of the sake boom increasing numbers of breweries are closing down – they can be saved in a positive… Continue Reading →

Sake + Western food pairings

Hisao Kodachi reports in Nikkei Style on pairing (or, as the Japanese put it, marriage) between Japanese sake and Western food, saying that even those who love wine will be amazed.  The eye-catching photo leading the article shows deep-fried ham filled… Continue Reading →

Dassai aims to conquer France

Writing for Sake Times, Paris-based sake journalist Tsuyoshi Kaneko reports that the brand Dassai has set itself the grand aim of becoming the name the world thinks of when it comes to Japanese sake, with France as its first target. Dassai… Continue Reading →

Aged awamori

 Awamori is an Okinawan traditional alcoholic drink made from long-grain rice and then distilled, putting them in a similar category to the mainland distilled spirit shōchū. The Okinawa Times reports on the release of two awamori that, despite the differences in… Continue Reading →

Just add sake – readymade sake cocktail kit

Sankei Biz reports on the launch of a new set of easy-to-use sake cocktail kits. Specifically, photogenic ones. (This is what the world seems to be coming to.) The range of pretty cocktail kits is called Ponshu Gria, and producer FARM8… Continue Reading →

Mie rumoured to host new sake category for Belgian competition

The Mainichi Shinbun reports that the Belgian wine competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is considering creating a new sake category from autumn 2018, alongside rumours that Mie Prefecture could host the contest. The event takes place in a different city each… Continue Reading →

Gunma Gunma Gunma

Netlab and Dream News report on a project to create a sake make from start to finish in Gunma Precture, appropriately named Gunma. The sake will be released on 28 October, Gunma Prefecture Day. Netlab reports that the water comes… Continue Reading →

Mail order sake

Tsuhan News (mail-order news) reports that Belluna has become the largest company selling sake by mail order in Japan.  Belluna runs the Umai Sake ga Nomitai (I want to drink delicious drinks) mail-order catalogue, which offers 800 varieties of sake… Continue Reading →

Drinking your way along the Tokaido Line

Traffic News reports that the Kodama Sakeba Kikō column in the Tōkaidō/Yamagata Shinkansen first class (Green Car) on-board magazine Hitotoki is being published as a collected edition in its own right. The Kodama is the all-stopping service on the Tōkaidō bullet train… Continue Reading →

Best sake events for beginners

There was so much in Tomomi Seki’s article that I’m coming back to it again! After talking about the difference between the loosely-defined hiyaoroshi and akiagari, she goes on to rate a few different types of events (not an exhaustive… Continue Reading →

Autumn sake: hiyaoroshi and akiagari

Tomomi Seki, a sake educator writing for the Business Journal site (Japanese), covered autumn sake events with the aim of helping more people enjoy this seasonal sake. Unlike summer sake, which turned out to be a recent invention, autumn sake is… Continue Reading →

Crowdfunded namazake

Sake Times (Japanese) reports on a new development in the world of sake – crowdfunding! The Maboroshii-no-Sake (phantom or illusory sake) company launched a campaign on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake on 17 October 2017 to raise funds for a project… Continue Reading →

A sake called… Death?

Sake Times (Japanese) reports on a sake with an unusual name – Shinigami (死神). The name is hard to translate because of the different mythologies involved, but the nearest things would be the Angel of Death or the Grim Reaper…. Continue Reading →

Japanese sake apps

Cookery news site Cookbiz recommends three apps to help you enjoy sake even more. First is Sakenote, which arranges records of the sake you’ve drunk in a list with photos, allows you to search for a brewery or brand by… Continue Reading →

Sake made with wine yeast

Shizuoka Shinbun news site @S reports that local brewery Hana-no-mai is making an on-trade exclusive sake using wine yeast. It’s their first time using wine yeast, with supervision from the chef/owner of the French restaurant Abysse in Tokyo. The resulting sake… Continue Reading →

What is “summer sake”?

I hadn’t heard of natsuzake (夏酒, summer sake) before yesterday’s news snippet on a day in the life of a sake educator (and if you happen to be the ones in question, also a manzai comedian). A link from that… Continue Reading →

A day in the life of a sake educator

Excite News ran a story on 26 September 2017 (updated 3 October) in their “Shigoto wo shirou” (understand this job) series talking about a day in the life of a sake educator.  The practice of tasting in Japan is called… Continue Reading →

Light-proof bottle for namazake

Mynavi News reported on 27 September 2017 that the “complex PET bottle” developed by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) from their light-blocking functional barrier film has been adopted as a namazake container by the Pressurised Namazake Consortium. The bottle… Continue Reading →

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