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Champagne producer comes to Toyama to brew sake

The Webun Toyama news site has an article on a French champagne brewer who is coming to the prefecture to start brewing sake. Richard Geoffroy has been responsible for production at some of the world’s most famous champagne labels, but… Continue Reading →

Training new sake experts

The Zakzak site has an article from freelance TV presenter Junko Kondō about the Japan Sake Association (JSA) and their “Sake Academy”. Kondō qualified as a “Sake Expert” with the JSA in 2017. The newly-founded group is dedicated to turning… Continue Reading →

Sake to toast the end of civil war

The Minyu Net site has a report on a small celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Boshin Civil War, namely a special edition 300 ml bottle of sake on sale from JR East in Tohoku. The conflict was part… Continue Reading →

Grow your own rice, get your own sake

The Wine-What!? site has a report by Kaori Isono on a crowdfunding project supported by maverick Japanese businessman Takafumi Horie, where backers get to participate in the creation of a junmai daiginjō sake right from the start – and by… Continue Reading →

2018 already looking good for sake exports

The Japan Agricultural News site has some good news – although we’re not long past the middle of the year, things are already looking positive for exports and that includes sake. Trade statistics from the Japanese Ministry of Finance show… Continue Reading →

Sake overseas: Dassai in NY, Kokuryū in HK and more

The Nikkan Gendai Digital site has an article on sake branching out overseas, following Dassai to New York and Kokuryū to Hong Kong. It starts by taking the positive outlook on where sake is going. Japan Customs (part of the… Continue Reading →

Fukui Prefecture’s challenger to Yamada Nishiki

The Chunichi Shinbun Web site reports on a new variety of sake rice that is setting its sights on the current king, Yamada Nishiki. The as yet unnamed variety was developed by the Fukui Prefecture Agricultural Experimental Station, who hope… Continue Reading →

Sake ice cream from Saga

You may be used to describing sake as having a mellow, rich aroma (芳醇, hōjun), but what about having that aroma tickle your nose as you lick an ice cream? The Oita Press site reports on a jizake (local sake) ice… Continue Reading →

Japanese sake and Swiss cheese

Something closer to home for me today – the Swissinfo site has an article on pairing Japanese sake with Swiss cheese. Natsuko Mikamo, a cheese lover and expert, lives in Basel in northern Switzerland. If you want to try pairing… Continue Reading →

Lunch with the ladies of sake

The Jiji news agency reports on a collaboration between the Nagoya French restaurant Chez Kobe and Sakeraku (酒楽, “sake joy”), a sake brand that produces a line of sake made by 12 female tōji (杜氏, master brewers) and brewery owners (蔵元, kuramoto) – or, as… Continue Reading →

Just add umami – pairing sake with food

The Nifty News site has an article on pairing sake with food – any food, not just Japanese. The author points out that sake contains over 20 different amino acids, which can enhance savoury flavours in any dish. It also… Continue Reading →

10th birthday for “zero-carb” sake

NicoNico News reports not only that there’s a “low carb” sake, but that it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary. Gekkeikan launched its Tōshitsu Zero (糖質ゼロ, “zero carb”) range in 2008, and is improving the quality of the sake and refreshing the… Continue Reading →

Molecular gastronomy collides with sake

Value Press reports on the intersection of three interesting things: sake, molecular gastronomy and projection mapping. The “sake restaurant” Molecu-L. in Ueno, Tokyo proposes Japanese food with a side of novel sensations created by molecular-level mapping of tastes and light displays…. Continue Reading →

Pairing sake with wagashi

The Sankei Biz Japan Style Business Eye column reports on the venerable traditional sweet company Toraya and their foray into pairing sake with wagashi. They held a special exhibition last year in Tokyo called Wagashi de Yō (和菓子で酔う,  Drunk on… Continue Reading →

Sake from Toshimaya, label by Studio Ghibli

Value Press has a report on a recently released sake where the story is really about the label – designed by Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki. The Toshimaya Juemon sake celebrates the opening of the Studio Ghibli/Toshio Suzuki event Kotoba… Continue Reading →

The only two words you need to explain sake

The Nikkan Gendai Digital site has a report on the only two words you need to introduce sake to foreigners – apparently it’s “apple” and “banana”. The article first reminds us that sake is enjoying unprecedented popularity, with exports breaking… Continue Reading →

The modern girl’s approach to sake

The Nifty News site has a report on female sake writer Mayumi Eguchi and her new story about a single lady and her obsession with one-cup sake. Some readers might think that backing off with a plea of “I’m not… Continue Reading →

Sake at the movies

The Cinematopics site reports on the first starring role for actress Rina Kawaei – in a film about sake. The opening date and poster were released on 26 July 2018, with the image showing a young woman holding a large… Continue Reading →

Sake names people love to hate

Livedoor News has an interesting feature on a vote for which curious sake names drinkers wish people would stop making fun of, and a close look at the top three. The results are based on a survey carried out by… Continue Reading →

Learning about sake and onsen – in an onsen

The Kohoku Keizai Newspaper site reports on the perfect way to enjoy your sake – in an onsen. The Tsunashima Yukemuri no Sato onsen in Yokohama, which caters to day-trippers, held a special lunch on 31 July 2018 in association… Continue Reading →

Toyama Prefecture brewing with local Oyama Nishiki rice

The Chunichi Newspaper site has a report on the Wakatsuru brewery in Toyama Prefecture, and their new range of sake made from the sake-specific rice Oyama Nishiki. The brewery, based in Tonami city, announced on 18 July 2018 that they… Continue Reading →

Advice for sake beginners, straight from the brewer’s daughter

The Da Vinci News site covers a book published by the daughter of a brewery with the aim of introducing more people to sake. Kuramoto no Musume to Tanoshimu Nihonshu Nyumon (蔵元の娘と楽しむ日本酒入門, “Enjoy being introduced to sake by the daughter… Continue Reading →

Helping hands for a recovering brewery

The Sankei West site has a report on a brewery hit by the heavy flooding in western Japan – and the people helping it recover. The venerable Morikawa brewery is located in Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, one of the towns hit… Continue Reading →

Sake as a sign of status? (Part 2)

Carrying on with the article on the celebrity overseas status of sake in Nikkei Style (Part 1) Yōko Tateya continues with her notes on what sake is popular where and with who. Regardless of nationality, executive class drinkers lean towards the… Continue Reading →

Sake as a sign of status?

Nikkei Style has a feature on sake overseas – but this time as the exclusive drink of the jet set. Yōko Tateya doesn’t sell sake in Japan, but instead focuses on wealthy Westerners from her bases in Sweden, Switzerland and… Continue Reading →

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