Guide prices

Sake is still unfamiliar to English-speaking consumers, who can be discouraged from trying it by awkward product descriptions written by non-native speakers, or translated by generalists who think sake is distilled. Make the most of your sake promotion efforts by entrusting your translations to an experienced specialist who can make it accurate, clear and engaging.

These guide prices apply for standard translation projects. Please send your material for translation to confirm pricing.

Representation and support at European events

Promote sake at European events without giving up your time to travel there yourself.

Leave explaining sake to buyers from the food and drink industry or the general public in the hands of a sake specialist.

Or engage specialist support for your team, giving them the ability to communicate in Japanese, English and French.

CHF 600/day, plus travel, accommodation and associated costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here, please contact me.

Can you explain sake?

Yes! As well as several years’ experience translating for sake breweries and promoters, I hold a number of internationally recognised qualifications. I develop my own promotional and educational materials and can talk about sake to both the general public and wine and drinks professionals.

Where do you work?

I’m based in Zürich, Switzerland and have an EU passport, so can easily travel to and attend events in any European country.

My native language is English, I speak fluent Japanese and also conversational French.

What services do you offer?

I offer representation or booth support and intepreting at European events, and translation for Japanese sake breweries and wineries.

What do you translate?

I translate from Japanese to English only, mainly for sake and wine. My background is in games and technical translation, and I also translate for pharmaceuticals/life science, food safety and related fields.

What advice can you give me about translation?

My normal advice is to translate what you need when you need it, which avoids diverting resources when it’s not yet clear if they’re required.

This is reflected in the structure of my packages – translation of basic information for companies who don’t need anything more, followed by more material when they start developing their presence in English-language markets.

Why should I ask you to translate?

I have studied Japan and the Japanese language for over 20 years, and worked for more than a decade as a translator, editor, mentor and quality assessor.

I have also worked in-house as a localisation project manager with large translation companies, hold an MA in Advanced Japanese Studies (University of Shefffield) and BSc in biology (Open University), and am a qualified member (by examination) of the UK-based Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

Do you do technical translation?

I have a BSc in biology and translate technical texts for life science and related areas, including food safety, packaging, health and safety, Good Manufacturing Practice, MSDS, fermentation and sake and wine production.

If your translation is in a subject I’m not qualified for, I can point you towards professional organisations and networks where you can find the person best suited to your project.

Do you do marketing translation?

I translate into natural, engaging English with the aim of encouraging the reader to take an action – whether that’s to keep reading on a site, come to a booth, or buy.

I can also work with your copywriter or advertising specialist to ensure the English translation meets your needs.