Educational and promotional material

The Pocket Guide to Sake

The perfect takeaway gift for participants in sake tastings or promotional events! The Pocket Guide to Sake reminds them of the event and also serves as a handy reference to keep them exploring sake and coming back for more.

  • Concise advice on how to  select, store, pair and serve sake
  • Legal classifications explained as a spectrum of aroma and flavour
  • Serving suggestions and prompts for pairing
  • Common terminology in Japanese and English to help read labels
  • Use the Discover Sake version or customise with your logo and colours
  • 7.5 × 9.8 cm 8-panel accordion fold format
  • Printed on robust 250 gsm coated card
  • Perfect to carry inside a wallet or notebook
  • Minimum wholesale order 100, or buy small quantities with no customisation

Sake tasting notebooks

Organise tasting notes and build expertise with specially designed sake tasting notebooks. Perfect for keeping people engaged over a longer period, such as through a series of tastings or exploratory events.

  • Specially designed for sake tasting
  • Compact and portable A6 or A5 size
  • Spiral bound to lay flat or fold
  • Heavy laminated card covers for durability
  • Expert version with room for 50 sets of detailed sake tasting notes
  • Event version with room for 100 sets of brief sake tasting notes
  • Hot and cold version with two-page layout for tasting sake at different temperatures
  • Structured tasting sections
  • Space to record details of brewery and style
  • List of common sake aromas and flavours for reference
  • Additional pages for notes and reflection

Sake tasting event kit

Take the stress out of planning an introductory sake tasting by using the format and materials from the tried and tested Introduction to Sake workshop. Just add sake and glasses for an entertaining and educational event!

  • Structured workshop designed to give a comprehensive overview of sake
  • Alternate between games, information and tastings
  • Companion take-home booklet for notes and reference
  • Kit comes with materials for up to 10 participants
  • Workshop booklet, list of sake classifications and styles for tastings, instructor notes
  • Just add sake, glasses and water
  • Use the Discover Sake version or customise with your logo and colours

Educational and promotional postcards

Brightly coloured, attractive and easy to pick up and pocket, these sake postcards can generate interest and help to combat some of the greatest misconceptions surrounding it, such as strength and serving temperature.

  • Use to explain sake or combat common misunderstandings
  • Full colour A6 postcards
  • Durable heavy card stock
  • Use the Discover Sake version to link to more resources, or customise with your own logo and colours
  • Infographics explaining what sake is
  • Common misconceptions explained
  • Attractive visuals to encourage interest in sake
  • Inexpensive promotional item or educational insert with other material

Sake t-shirts

Show your love for sake on your sleeve – or rather your chest! T-shirts for sake fans to show their support or celebrate their favourite classes. Also suitable for promotional staff, or customised for event merchandise or giveaways.

  • T-shirts, hoodies, bags, stickers and more for sake fans
  • Print on demand, no minimum quantities
  • Worldwide printing and shipping
  • Large range of colours and styles
  • Shipping and customer service provided by the printers
  • Customise with your logo and colours, or create a custom product to promote an event

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