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The rise of premium sake

The Nikkei newspaper reports on the increasing trend for premium sake, which brings me back to a previous story about a brewery trying a new way to set pricing at the wholesale level. (A sake that costs as much as… Continue Reading →

Drinking sake, summer style

The Lmaga site reports on four breweries in the legendary Nada area of Hyōgo with associated shop/restaurants who are holding a time-limited “sake trip” event from 16 June 2018. The four breweries include some of the largest: Ozeki, Hakutaka, Hakushika… Continue Reading →

Double kōji for more acidity

The Asahi Newspaper digital site reports on a sake made to go with Italian food, and specifically to stand up to the acidity in olive oil. The Watanabe brewery in Hida, Gifu Prefecture have been developing just such a sake… Continue Reading →

Girls in games and sake in Wakayama

The Sankei News site has an article about sake and computer game characters – but it’s not Miki no Mikoto again, this time it’s the venerable idol singer franchise Idol Master: Cinderella Girls and Kaede Takagaki, one of its (many,… Continue Reading →

Eat rice, drink rice – in all its forms

The Mainichi Newspaper site has a feature on a restaurant that really focuses on rice – both to eat and to drink. Beishoku-Beishu Honoka (米食米酒穂のか, Eat Rice, Drink Rice [alcohol] Rice Ear) near Musashi-Koyama station in Tokyo has no beer or… Continue Reading →

Making distinctions: subdividing daiginjō at the US National Sake Appraisal

I was aware of the US National Sake Appraisal, but hadn’t looked at it very closely until seeing this article on the Shokuhin Sangyō Shinbunsha (Food Industry Newspaper) site reporting the 2018 results. One thing that caught my eye was… Continue Reading →

Mixing up the microbes: sake made with shōchū kōji

The Sankei Biz site reports on a limited edition sake with a twist – it’s made with a kōji variety normally used for shōchū, a traditional distilled Japanese drink. The Hara Sake brewery has been operating in Niigata Prefecture for… Continue Reading →

IWC Trophy winning sake tasting at Japanese Embassy London July 2018

Wow. I actually copied and pasted the title of this post from another one from almost a year ago. Most of the entries on this blog are a personal project to post a translation/summary of a Japanese news article a… Continue Reading →

On namazake day, no need to keep cool

The Kochi Newspaper carries a press release about Namazake Day, invented by the Gekkeikan brewery to be on 25 June in commemoration of their shipping namazake without refrigeration. Namazake is completely unpasteurised, unlike normal sake (pasteurised twice), nama-chozō (生貯蔵, stored… Continue Reading →

Changing times, changing labels

The Kobe Newspaper Next site celebrates some local success with a Hyōgo prefecture brewery taking top spot at the Sake Competition 2018 – in the label category. The competition, organised by a committe formed of sake shops and other interested… Continue Reading →

The return of sake (and where to buy it)

There’s even more in the MyNavi News article, which finishes off with thoughts on the sake “boom” and where people are buying their sake. The article mentions (without any further evidence) that there was a period when poor quality sake… Continue Reading →

Asahi Shuzō, makers of Dassai, damaged by flooding

The Asahi Newspaper digital edition has a short announcement of serious damage to the buildings of Asahi Shuzō in Yamaguchi, makers of Dassai. The brewery, located in a mountain valley in Iwakuni in Yamaguchi prefecture, was hit by record rainfall… Continue Reading →

What is value for money in sake?

Back to the My Navi online news site today for more on their article about choosing sake – this time value for money and recommended labels. The whole idea of value for money is an interesting one – it came… Continue Reading →

How (a possibly unrepresentative sample of) Japanese people choose sake

This weekend I’m looking at survey results from online news site My Navi, first of all asking a sample of Japanese respondents how they choose sake. They were not doing it the way I thought they would be! The article… Continue Reading →

Dassai teams up with chef Joël Robuchon in Paris

The Japanese version of Pen Online features a story on a joint venture in Paris between sake label Dassai and chef Joël Robuchon. Junko Kubodera reports that the two have opened a tea room/bar/restaurant/shop on the rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the… Continue Reading →

Review of the Japanese Sake Competition 2018

The GetNavi Web site has a feature on the recent Japanese Sake Competition 2018. The contest started in 2012 and evaluates commercially available sake that consumers can get hold of easily. The judges are made up of individuals who provide… Continue Reading →

100 sake, all you can drink, no time limit – why?

Another MBA analysis from Mag2 News today, with a breakdown by Takeshi Aoyama. The question: why would a business offer a menu of 100 sake… and an all-you-can-drink offer with no time limit? While it feels like sake has established… Continue Reading →

Strategies to attract new people to sake: cost price, enjoy with food

The Mag2 News site looks at the Nihonshu Genka Sakagura restaurant in Tokyo and how they’re striving to build their business. The analysis is from MBA holder Takeshi Aoyama. The restaurant’s name (日本酒原価酒蔵) breaks down to “cost-price sake bar” and… Continue Reading →

Sake cats and dogs

The Print & Promotion site takes a look at some furry friends being used to promote sake. This is the third time the Takarayama brewery have put their “Dog sell sake, cat make sake” (酒を売る犬、酒を造る猫) label on the market. [Technically… Continue Reading →

New sake from a new variety of sake-specific rice

The Kobe Shinbun newspaper reports on Hyogo Sake 85, a new sake brewed from a new variety of sake-specific rice. It’s the first new variety to be developed in the prefecture in 10 years, and the junmai ginjo produced by the Yamana… Continue Reading →

Served hot: sake and coffee

The Mainichi Newspaper “Matomeshi” (food roundup) column features a warm and cosy place in the Yotsuya-Sanchome section of Shinjuku in Tokyo. They focus on serving warm sake, okan (お燗), and also coffee. We haven’t had a pun for a while,… Continue Reading →

The Internet of Things comes to sake

The Robot Start site covers the winners of the 2018 Softbank Innovation Program, which picks companies leading in the fields of AI as a Service, AR/VR, EdTech, Home and also in another category called Disrupt. Eight winners were chosen out… Continue Reading →

The past and future of ageing: part 2

Carrying on with Takashi Mitachi’s thoughts on sake in the Nikkei Business Online, he then turns to his wine-loving foreign friends who don’t know much about sake. He finds that recently, the sake that more and more of them get… Continue Reading →

The past and future of ageing

Another multi-part post this week, because I found another article with lots of interesting information. Writing in the Nikkei Business Online, Takashi Mitachi has a look at the past and present of aged sake – koshu. Mitachi first looks back… Continue Reading →

Getting muddy in Ginza

Even though the last brewery in Tokyo’s central 23 wards has closed, there’s a new effort to put some sake back into the heart of the capital – this time by having a rice field on a rooftop in the… Continue Reading →

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