The Shokuhin Sangyō Shinbunsha reports on the results of the 20th U.S. National Sake Appraisal, announced on 23 October 2020.

The oldest sake competition outside of Japan attracted 176 entries to its Daiginjo A division (milled to 40% or less), 87 to the Daiginjo B division (milled to 50% or less), 125 to the Ginjo division and 114 to the Junmai division for a grand total of 502.

The sake in each division with the highest score wins the Grand Prix, and two runners-up receive the Second Grand Prix. There are also Special Awards for the highest scoring kimoto/yamahai in each division.

Grand Prix

  • Daiginjo A: Kiwamihijiri daiginjō, Miyashita Shuzō (Okayama)
  • Daiginjo B: Momokawa daiginjō, Momokawa (Aomori)
  • Ginjo: Tokusen Kunizakari Handago Kobo 1801 Go junmai ginjō, Nakano Shuzō (Aichi)
  • Junmai: Born junmai 55, Katōkichibē Shōten (Fukui)

Second Grand Prix

  • Daiginjo A: Zaku Yozan Ittekisui, Shimizu Seizaburō Shōten (Mie)
  • Daiginjo A: Taiten Shiragiku daiginjō tōbindori shizukusake, Shiragiku Shuzō (Okayama)
  • Daiginjo B: Hanaharu junmai daiginjōshu, Hanaharu Shuzō (Fukushima)
  • Daiginjo B: Dewazakura junmai daiginjō genshu, Dewazakura Shuzō (Yamagata)
  • Ginjo: Shiramayumi ginjō Yamadanishiki, Kaba Shuzōjo (Gifu)
  • Ginjo: Taichu 65 Ii Kaori, Munemasa Shuzō (Saga)
  • Junmai: Hatsukame tokubetsu junmai, Hatsukame Jōzō (Shizuoka)
  • Junmai: Imanishiki tokubetsu junmaishu, Yonezawa Shuzō (Nagano)

Kimoto/Yamahai Special Award

  • Daiginjo A: Misatosekka junmai daiginjō, Takahashi Shuzōten (Akita)
  • Daiginjo B: Tedorigawa yamahai daiginjō, Yoshida Shuzōten (Ishikawa)
  • Ginjo: Taichu 65 yamahai, Munemasa Shuzō (Saga)
  • Junmai: Yuki no Bosha yamahai junmai, Saiya Shuzōten (Akita)

There is also an Emerald Award, given to the brewery with the highest number of Gold and Silver awards won since the competition began in 2001. This year it was won by Gotō Shuzōten in Yamagata, makers of Benten.



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