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Not sure what to pour or drink your sake from? The Sankei Biz site reports on some new vessels made just for sake by a workshop in Ōta, Tokyo.

Made from titanium using a patented technique, the special containers were announced by metal manufacturing experts Takakuwa Industrial Products and exhibited at the Lifestyle Sōgō Expo on 4 July.

No two Hitohira-Shibori (a bit of a mouthful) cups are completely alike, as each one is made by hand by craftsmen in Tokyo from a single sheet of platinum.

The products were developed to capitalise on the keywords sake and “craftsman” in the build up to 2020. Along with a load of over-the-top marketing text, the company also claims that the cup provides a new shape for drinking from, although Sankei Biz describes the vessels as a guinomi cup, which is a pretty common vessel shape, and a katakuchi lipped bowl. The two stack neatly on top of each other.

Some are plain titanium, while others are lacquered in partnership with Fukushima company Aizunuri – part of the proceeds from these products will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

  • Guinomi: 70 mm diameter x 50 mm high, weight 65 g, capacity around 37 ml, JPY 18,500
  • Katakuchi: 100 mm diameter x 85 mm high, weight 90 g, capacity around 300 ml, JPY 34,000

The vessels won the Ōta Superlative Technique Award in the Ōta Ward Small and Medium Enterprise New Product and Technology Competition.