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At Press reports that the Imayotsukasa brewery in Niigata are shipping their perennial end-of-year/New Year favourite again this year – shiroizake (しろい酒, white sake).

Produced by Imayotsukasa for over 30 years, it’s an unpasteurised coarse filtered nama nigori, snow white, thick and lively. The brewery acknowledges that some people wouldn’t go for a white sake, but assure them that it’s not sticky-sweet but instead refreshing, which makes it unique.

It’s made from 100% Gohyakumangoku rice milled to 60%, and has an ABV of around 11%. Imayotsukasa recommend drinking it within 1-2 weeks of delivery.

It is only sold at the end of the year, in limited quantities, and comes both in bottles (720 ml, JPY 2,484 and 1800 ml, JPY 4,968) and in a gift box decorated with a picture with the Seven Lucky Gods of Japanese mythology drinking sake, taken from an image in the Imayotsukasa brewery. The box contains a pot of shiroizake (1,800 ml), two cups and a wooden ladle (JPY 7,560).