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The NewsWalker site reports on a brewery-run sake bar/cafe just outside Osaka Station.

Miyagegō Fukuju in the Osaka Ekimae Daiichi Building is run by the Fukuju brewery, based in the famous Nada area. Fukuju also operate another direct sales outlet not far away, the Kōbe Shushinkan. 

Offerings at the Osaka Station location revolve around their Fukuju brand, made with the legendary Nada miyamizu water and with all kōji rice produced by hand. The izakaya is supplied directly from the brewery, so it has fresh produce like unpasteurised namazake not available elsewhere.

The brewery’s sake is offered alongside a menu of 50 small dishes, including their famous dashimaki (scrambled egg roll with dashi stock) and fresh fish selected daily at Osaka’s central market. Other dishes include beef tendon and onion in ponzu sauce and slices of tōfu marinated in miso

The bar also serves flash-frozen namazake, which comes out like a sorbet, either its own plain sake or ume-shu from Ume no Yado, and has a tank of their muroka namazake which supposedly smells like passionfruit.

At 6:00 pm on a weekday, the 50-seat bar is nearly full. Manager Yamada says he’s been working with chef Nakahara for 30 years, so he’s confident that customers will enjoy both the sake and the food. 

The reporter recommends the sake highball (JPY 450) for those who would usually start with beer. The bar has muroka junmai namazake, ginjō, daiginjō and only four bottles a day of the junmai ginjō served at the Nobel prize dinners when there’s a Japanese winner.