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The Business section of IT Media Online reports on an unusual sake collaboration, between the familiar One Cup Ozeki and incense maker Kameyama.

Kameyama make candles and incense, including the sort burned at graves in remembrance of the departed. It’s also common to see offerings of things that the deceased loved during their lifetime, such as cigarettes or alcohol, and it’s in this spirit that the collaboration was born.

The design of the box holding the sticks of incense is based on the One Cup Ozeki label, and the sticks contain some Ozeki sake and release a faint aroma of it when burned. It’s not the first time Kameyama have teamed up with producers of favourite food and drink – in fact it’s their tenth. They boast a range of candles that smell like favourite Japanese things, including Ozeki sake, sweets and mint oil.

The sake incense went on sale on 2 April 2018 priced at JPY 680 (excluding tax). 


  • Original article (Japanese, IT Media Online, 30 March 2018) Click through for an image of the incense.