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The Oricon News site reports on another round of a slightly different sake contest, Sake Competition 2018.

Held since 2012, the contest focuses on sake sold commercially that the average person can easily get hold of. All the tasting is blind, so the sake competes on aroma and flavour alone. 453 breweries entered 1,730 sake in the 2017 round.

The contest has a new category this year for sake imported from outside Japan, added to the existing categories for junmai, junmai ginjō, junmai daiginjō, ginjō/daiginjō, super premium (retail price JPY 10,000 or more for 720 ml/JPY 15,000 for 1.8 L), label design and sparkling sake. Judging runs from Wednesday 16 to Friday 18 May 2018, with the winners announced at an awards ceremony on 11 June.

A party held at the The Peninsula Tokyo hotel on the same day as the awards ceremony will be open to the public, including a special dinner featuring sake and food from all over the world.