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The Inside Games site covers covers a new crowdfunding campaign, this time for yet another anthropomorphising sake-as-attractive-people game – women this time.

Moeshu Box [moe cuteness/emotional appeal + shu alcohol]  is a mobile social game featuring existing sake labels.

Developer SMILEAXE plan to release the game on iOS and Android in 2019, and launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Campfire site between 15 October and 29 November 2018 to raise JPY 1 million to add four more characters.

  • Ōmon daiginjō (Ichishima)
  • Tokumasamune Miyamanishiki Sui (Hagiwara)
  • Kinkame Sei 90 (Okamura)
  • Miyozakura Asahi no Yume (Miyozakura)

Rewards included a set of four table mats for JPY 3,000, a set of four ochoko for JPY 4,000, an Ōmon Daiginjo set for JPY 20,000 (60 sets) and sake from participating brewers. There was also a reward for brewers allowing them to advertise in the game.

The game itself seems to be a mix of tactical simulation and tower defence where sakamori (酒守, “sake protectors”) cleanse corruption to save the world while educating players about sake.

The campaign closed with JPY 695,423 (69%, with 57 backers) but was still listed as “Funded”. Supporting companies are listed as:

  • online sake retailer Washuya
  • sake retailer Oboshi
  • Okuni Brand Japan
  • Sake Life Tomu
  • Fukushima Brewers Association
  • Fukushima Prefecture Sake Brewers Cooperative

There are currently 14 breweries working with them. (The rest are presumably working with Miki no Mikoto.)

  • Amano (Osaka)
  • Ichishima (Niigata)
  • Okamura Honke (Shiga)
  • Ozaki Shuzō (Wakayama)
  • Kikunotsukasa
  • Tamaizumidō Shuzō
  • Takasago Shuzō
  • Takarayama Shuzō
  • Tamagawa Shuzō (Niigata)
  • Hagiwara Shuzō (Ibaraki)
  • Hamakawa Shoten (Kochi)
  • Miyozakura Shuzō (Gifu)
  • Murashige Shuzō (Yamaguchi)
  • Murayu Shuzō (Niigata)