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The Nikkei newspaper site reports on a new range of sake from the Fukumitsuya brewery under their Fukumasamune label – one that isn’t afraid to lose its cool.

The Kanazawa brewery launched a new range of namazume (not pasteurised at bottling) sake bottled using an sterile filling system, which allows them to be transported and stored without refrigeration.

The new Fukumasamune Marufuku line has four varieties, all with a light flavour characteristic of namazume sake that reveals a classic umami at room temperature.

Fukumasamune Sōkai Junmai Namazume (720 ml, JPY 825 before tax) stands out for its smooth mouthfeel and rich aroma. It also has depth, making it a good match for dishes with soy sauce or dashi stock. The Fukumasume Junmai Karakuchi Namazume (720 ml, JPY 900 before tax) has gentle citric acidity to go with Western cuisine such as Italian or French food.