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The Traicy travel news site reports on a new lineup for sake in ANA’s domestic first and business class.

The range will be available from 1 September 2018, and includes a custom brewed Aramasa No. 6 ANA-Type junmai namazake for first class passengers, and a yamahai ginjō from the Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute (農口尚彦研究所) for those in business class.

The Aramasa No. 6 ANA-Type junmai namazake uses the famous yeast discovered by the Aramasa brewery in Akita in 1930, which was taken up into the national catalogue as “No. 6” in a list of yeasts selected as being the best for brewing sake. It’s accompanied by a special in-flight video programme introducing the brewery’s philosophy and products.

ANA plan to offer a range of sake on board by partnering with the Japan Craft Sake Company and making use of their refrigerated distribution service. The No. 6 ANA-Type will be available from September to November 2018.

The yamahai ginjō offered in business class is brewed by “god of sake” Naohiko Noguchi, and seen as the culmination of his 70-year lifetime spent in breweries. The yamahai ginjō has a fruity aroma with a touch of refreshing acidity, and will be available to domestic first class passengers from December 2018 to February 2019, and in international business class from September to November 2018.