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The Hyogo Financial Plus site reports on an event held by the Hyogo Prefecture Sake Brewers Association for foreign residents.

Called the “Sake World Party”, the event in Kobe city saw around 200 foreigners living in Japan gather to enjoy Hyogo sake and take a survey. They listened to talks about Hyogo, the number one area for production of sake and sake-specific rice according to article, took a survey, and finally tasted some of what they had been learning about.

The talks introduced the audience to the Nada Research Association site, created by sake experts, which allowed them to learn about sake production techniques on their smartphones.

The event was intended to help Hyogo sake producers looking for strategies to expand their exports overseas, with the survey used to gather information about preferences in different countries. Attendees tasted five types of sake and recorded their preferences, chose which ones went with chocolate or cheese, answered questions about the state of sake sales in their home country and even chose the package design they preferred.

Attendees sampled 42 sakes with sushi and dishes from their home countries. A 35 year old French national living in Nishinomiya said he preferred sake to wine as he liked a dry drink with just a bit of sweetness, and he would recommend Hyogo sake to his friends in France.