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I first heard about this from Andrew at Origin Sake, but never got around to following it up – did you hear about the brewer who insists on having his sake brew to classical music?

Value Press reports on a special dinner being held on Sunday 25 February in Cebu in the Philippines, where diners will be serenaded with the same classical music as the sake they’re drinking listened to as it was brewing while enjoying dishes that the composer Mozart loved.

This is the first event in the “Eat Classical Music” project, held at “Skillet”, the only Japanese-run Western restaurant in Cebu. The event is run by Tsuji Akio whose aim is to build links between the Philippines and Japan through organisations like the Cebu Music Learning Center, and sake ambassador Ōhama Ayaka who is currently at the Souspeak language school in Cebu.

The sake exposed to classical music that will be served at the event is called Kurashikku (a pun made by combining the character 蔵, kura, meaning brewery and the character 粋, shiku, meaning style or elegance), brewed by the Ohara brewery in Fukushima and winner of the Grand Prix at the 2011 Sake Competition in Japan.

The second event is planned for Tokyo, and a third for Germany, and if possible simultaneous events to be held on Mozart’s birthday on 27 January.