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The Asahi newspaper online edition covers a big step overseas for Fukushima Prefecture – opening a “satellite shop” in New York.

The prefecture hopes having a presence in the US will take advantage of the rising interest in sake there and boost its exports during this sake “boom”. They hope to show the high quality of Fukushima sake and open up new sales routes.

They also hope to dispel any fears around contamination from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power station incident. The current governor of Fukushima Precture, Masao Uchibori, announced the initiative on 31 March 2018. This will be the prefecture’s first outlet for its local produce overseas.

The prefecture intends to set up the shop during 2018 by subcontracting to a local sake company, and will try to attract drinks retailers, bars and restaurants and locals. They are also considering holding events with brewers from the prefecture. The shop will only be open for a limited time, but the prefecture will consider how long will be enough to increase awareness of their sake in the USA.