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PR Times reports on a special drinks menu at the Shinagawa branch of TGI Fridays, which will offer Hakushika Yamada Nishiki sake and a selection of cocktails using it.

Available from 1 December 2017 to 31 January 2018, it marks the first time TGI Fridays has ever sold sake.

The Shinagawa branch decided to serve sake in light of its increasing popularity overseas, as the area sees a lot of foreign tourists on their way to or from Haneda Airport. The article quotes the Trade Statistics of Japan, noting that exports of sake in 2016 were approximately JPY 15.6 billion, an increase of 111.2% on the previous year, and that exports of sake have increased for the last seven years.

The menu consists of (all prices without consumption tax):

  • Hakushika Yamada Nishiki by the glass, JPY 550
  • Red Hakushika, JPY 720. (Previously covered on 8 December 2017, “Sake + tomato cocktail“) The fruity sweetness of Hakushika Yamada Nishiki is emphasised by the acidity of tomato and cranberry juice.
  • Sparkling Hakushika, JPY 720. Sake served simply with sparkling water and a squeeze of lemon.
  • Hakushika Dog, JPY 720. The traditional “Salty Dog” made with sake and grapefruit juice.