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The PR Times site reports on a dinner at the Oriental Hotel Hiroshima that pairs sake made with flower yeast with French cuisine.

The ninth dinner in the hotel’s Wakon-Yōsai series (a set phrase meaning “Japanese spirit combined with Western learning”) will be held on 14 February 2018 in the fourth floor ballroom. Each dinner features a different selection of food and drink. 

This one costs JPY 7,500 per person (not including tax or service charge), and features sake from Saga Prefecture’s Amabuki brewery with French dishes.

The Amabuki brewery stands out by using yeast taken from flower honey to brew its sake. Breweries normally isolate the yeast they need from other fermenting batches, but using flower yeast is supposed to give the resulting sake a gentle fragrance and delicate flavour reminiscent of the flower the yeast was taken from. This dinner features sake made with a variety of flower yeasts with distinctive characteristics.

Sake served:

  • Amabuki Ura daiginjō Aiyama (yeast from abelia)
  • Amabuki kimoto junmai daiginjō Omachi (yeast from rhododendron)
  • Amabuki junmai ginjō Jugemu nama (yeast from Mirabilis jalapa, also known as the four-o’clock plant or Marvel of Peru)
  • Amabuki junmai ginjō strawberry flower yeast nama (yeast from strawberry flowers)
  • Amabuki junmai ginjō sunflower yeast nama (yeast from sunflowers)
  • Amabuki super dry tokubetsu junmai nama (yeast from begonia)