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The Pouch site reports on data from the Sakenowa app (which I looked at last year along with other Japanese sake apps) used to create a flavour map for each prefecture.

The data comes from app users who “score” the sake they drink on six axes to create a radar chart (also known as a spider chart) representing an overall flavour profile. The app also has data for where each sake is from, so it can use user scores to build these prefectural charts. 

The six axes are:

  • floral (華やか, hanayaka)
  • mellow (芳醇, hōjun)
  • body (重厚, jūkō)
  • mild (穏やか, odayaka)
  • dry (ドライ)
  • light (軽快, keikai)

Have a look at the article to see the chart for each prefecture – it’s not clear how many data sets are used to build each one, but from the screenshots on the page there are hundreds of ratings for some sake so it should add up to thousands for each prefecture, enough to be interesting if that is the case.