Sankei Biz reported on the inauguration of five new Sake Samurai in Kyoto on 6 October 2017.

The title of “Sake Samurai” is given by the Junior Council of the Japan Sake Brewers Association to individuals who champion sake and Japanese culture both at home and abroad. To date, only around 70 people have been awarded the title.


The five new Sake Samurai are:

  • Nobuaki Aiba, director of the Miss Sake Association
  • Hayato Morita, who pairs sake with yakiniku (barbecued meat) at popular restaurants Rokkakai (Kobe), Hatsuhana (Tokyo) and Ginka (Kobe)
  • Yukino Ochiai, founder of the Deja Vu Sake Company in Australia 
  • Monica Samuels, national sake sales manager for Vine Connections
  • Micky Chan, sake educator and co-founder of Umai Magazine in Hong Kong


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