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The Nikkei XTech Active site reports on a joint experimental trial by Asashi Shuzō, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories for a predictive AI to be used in sake brewing. The aim of the trial is to put AI to practical use in the brewing process.

The predictive AI combines a mathematical model defining the sake brewing process and machine learning based on real data from Asahi Shuzō’s brewing process.

The parties involved hope that the system will yield data to support the optimum sake brewing process. This experimental trial, where the predictive AI will be used in the production of Asahi Shuzō’s Dassai brand, should demonstrate the validity of the use of this type of system in sake brewing, improve the accuracy of the model, and also prove that AI has practical applications in brewing.

The trial also aims to maintain product quality and ensure uniform and stable production of Dassai.