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The Lmaga site reports on four breweries in the legendary Nada area of Hyōgo with associated shop/restaurants who are holding a time-limited “sake trip” event from 16 June 2018.

The four breweries include some of the largest: Ozeki, Hakutaka, Hakushika and Nihonsakari. They’ve each come up with a suggestion for how to drink sake in the hot, hot summer and each shop/restaurant will have one on the menu.

The serving suggestions are:

  • Ozeki: 10 year old Yamada Nishiki genshu on the rocks, available at the Ozeki Amakara no Sekijuan in Nishinomiya (JPY 300)
  • Hakutaka: Sake lemon sour, available at the Hakutaka Rokusuien in Nishinomiya (JPY 600)
  • Hakushika: “Hakushika Classics” frozen cocktail (JPY 680)
  • Nihonsakari: Sake sangria available at the Nihonsakari Brewery Street Rengakan in Nishinomiya (JPY 500)


  • Original article (Japanese, Lmaga, 16 June 2018) Click through to see photos of the four serving suggestions