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The Mina-my site reports on a new challenge for a 160 year old brewery – chocolate. (Are you spotting a theme here? Yes, you are.)

The venerable Mizokami brewery in Kita-Kyushu wanted to collaborate with a local restaurant to celebrate their 160th anniversary and promote the region’s sake and food.

They ended up partnering with a nearby Western restaurant, Lien, to produce a cake called Shu-Chocolat (酒ショコラ, literally sake-chocolate). 

The collaboration sees Mizokami’s Tenshin sake combined with Lien’s famous “baked-raw chocolate gateau” – a baked chocolate cake that has the texture of fresh chocolate. Mizokami had the cake for sale at their kura open days on 17 and 18 March, and it sold out almost immediately. 

The journalist managed to get hold of one, and remarked on the gentle aroma of sweet sake that rose up on opening the packaging. They described the flavour as rich, intense and satisfying.