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The Sendai Keizai Shinbun reports on a new guide to sake breweries in the area that are open to visitors.

NIPPON SAKE DISCOVERY – Sakagura Tourism Sendai & Miyagi was published on 24 August 2018 by the Miyagi Inbound DMO (destination management? marketing organisation), responsible for revitalising the economy of 13 local government areas in southern Miyagi, and VISIT Tohoku, responsible for tourism promotion in Tohoku.

[The title NIPPON SAKE DISCOVERY 会いに行ける酒蔵ツーリズム 仙台・宮城, is a bit hard to translate as it comes out as “sakagura tourism you can go and meet” but I assume it means breweries you can visit as they’re open for sakagura tourism.]

The book lists 13 breweries open to visitors, including some in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture. The list includes Ichinoseki, Ōnuma Shuzōten, Otokoyama Honten, Kakuboshi, Kawakei Shōten, Kanbai Shuzō, Saura (makers of Urakasumi) and Sasaki Shuzōten.

It also has details of the brewery’s history and introduces the passionate people who work there and their approach to making sake, as well as recommended circuits for visiting kura and a list of places to drink or buy Miyagi sake in the prefecture or in Tokyo. Author Yukari Miyagi also notes her own favourites.

The book is in A5 format, 192 pages, had a first print run of 4,000 volumes and costs JPY 1,500 before tax.