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Niconico News reports on a new type of KitKat – not only made with sake, but with local sake.

As you’ll know if you’ve ever been to Japan, if you go anywhere you’re expected to bring back something local and wherever you go there will be a selection of local products to choose from. And now, instead of the generic sake or umeshu KitKat there’s local sake KitKat.

Nada brewery Sakura Masamune have teamed up with Nestle to produce their very own version of a mini KitKat, which will only be sold in the Kantō region in the west of Japan’s main island.

The KitKat Mini Sakura Masamune Daiginjō uses sake made with heavily milled special-A grade Yamada Nishiki sake-specific rice from the Yokawa area of Miki in Hyōgo. How do they get the sake into the KitKat? By powdering the daiginjō, apparently, and mixing it with the cream that lies between the layers of wafer inside the white chocolate.

KitKat has proven to be a popular souvenir for foreign tourists, who will recognise at least part of what’s on offer. And as the article points out, this product opens the way for more regional or even kura-specific varieties.

The new mini KitKat went on sale on 25 September 2018, priced at JPY 800 (before tax) for 12 bars.