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The Gifu Shinbun site reports on Ikedaya Shuzō in Miwa, Gifu Prefecture, and their refreshing sake offering for the summer – it’s frozen, a product known as mizore-shu (みぞれ酒, “sleet sake”).

The brewery has been freezing sake in the summer for over 20 years, with its Fukuwakamatsu ginjō namazake getting the treatment this year.

The ginjo namazake is distinguished by its natural aroma and refreshing, dry flavour. The frozen sake has a little warm water added to start it melting, and regular patrons like to drink it when the consistency has turned to something like a sorbet.

Brewery owner Hikō Matsui comments that people of all ages are loving it and spreading the word, and that the mizore-shu has become their flagship summer product. He also notes it’s perfect as a midsummer gift (because Japan does midsummer cards and gifts, and has ruthlessly efficient chilled courier services).

A half-case of six 300 ml bottles costs JPY 3,829 and a case of 12 is JPY 7,658 (excluding tax).