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PR Times reports on a new way to enjoy Dassai sake, at least if you’re near Omotesando in Tokyo.

Natural Kitchen Omotesando, a sophisticated “collaboration cafe” that prizes the quality of its ingredients, will be offering an ice cream from famous Hokkaido ice cream shop Naganuma Ice no Ie (Naganuma Ice Cream House) and internationally known sake Dassai for a limited period in spring 2018.

They will be the first in the Kantō (eastern Japan) area to stock “amazake milk” ice cream made using junmai daiginjō lees. Naganuma Ice no Ie are known for their high-quality ice cream made from fresh Hokkaido milk, collected in the morning from their suburban pastures and used the same day, and use low-temperature pasteurisation and processing to preserve the proteins in the milk. This allows the mellow, smooth aroma of Dassai’s sake to meld with smooth mouthfeel in an ice cream they’re justifiably proud of. The “amazake ice cream” is made with sake lees, but contains no alcohol. (Insert obligatory notice that it can therefore be eaten by children and people who normally don’t drink sake. Is there some government regulation I’m not aware of?)

See the original article link below for more mouth-watering treats at Natural Kitchen, including their Strawberry Fair range.



I’m slightly confused as to whether this is a sakekasu (sake lees) ice cream or an amazake ice cream, but I’d eat it either way if I could.