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The Jiji news agency reports on a collaboration between the Nagoya French restaurant Chez Kobe and Sakeraku (酒楽, “sake joy”), a sake brand that produces a line of sake made by 12 female tōji (杜氏, master brewers) and brewery owners (蔵元, kuramoto) – or, as it calls them, kurajo (蔵女, kura women).

The line was unveiled at events in Kyoto in April, and Hong Kong and Tokyo in May, before arriving in Nagoya. Sakeraku worked with breweries all across the country to bring a unique range of sake to the market, and celebrate this event on 25 August 2018 with Kaoru Sawada of the Sawada brewery, Hiroko Satō of the Kinginka brewery and Asako Watanabe from the Watanabe brewery, who will also give a talk.

The Sakeraku group is based in Nagoya, so chose a restaurant close to home. The event will feature a tasting of the Sakejo range, along with carefully selected French dishes. The sake chosen from the Sakejo range will be dry brews from the Watanabe brewery (Aichi Prefecture), Kinginka brewery (Aichi Prefecture), Wantanabe brewery (Gifu Prefecture) and Moriki brewery (Mie Prefecture). [Nagoya is in Aichi Prefecture, and Gifu and Mie are neighbouring prefectures, so all relatively local.] Other sake from the Hasegawa (Niigata), Sato (Saitama), Hirai (Shiga), Yoshida (Fukui), Tabata (Wakayama) and Asahi (Shimane – not the producers of Dassai) will be available for tasting.

The event runs from 12:00 noon until 2:00 pm and costs JPY 10,000 per person.