The Nikkei Newspaper reports on the University of Niigata, already covered for holding nihonshu classes, who are now extending their reach to other cities.

They’re teaming up with Niigata Prefecture and the prefectural brewers association to take their sake classes on tour, with off-site nihonshugaku (sake studies) lectures planned in Tokyo and Osaka to raise awareness of the activities of all three organisations.

The first one will be held on 22 December 2019 in Tokyo, followed by 25 January 2020 in Osaka.

The format will include a mix of talks and sake tastings with food. Lecturers from Niigata University will introduce the concept of sake studies, alongside Mitsuoki Kanaoke of the Niigata Prefecture Brewing Laboratory, who will talk about the characteristics of Niigata sake. The tastings will introduce four types of sake with different aroma and flavour, plus dishes they pair well with.

Niigata University, Niigata Prefecture and the Niigata Prefecture Brewers Association launched their sake studies initiative in 2018, but until now have mostly operated inside Niigata prefecture or worked on promotion in the greater Tokyo area. An official in charge of promoting prefectural produce said the academic-industrial-government initiative wanted to spread even further, including into the Kansai area, to reach as many people as possible.


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