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The Spice website reports on a new place to sample sake, shōchū, and plum and other sake-based fruit drinks in Yokohama – the Yokohama Nomikurabe Yokocho (Yokohama drink-and-compare alley), opening on 29 December 2017. 

Sake will be supplied by specialist retailer Kurand Sake Market, shōchū by Havespi and fruit-flavoured drinks by Shugar Market. All three are located on the same floor, creating a “theme park” offering over 300 drinks from all over Japan. 

There will be no time limit for tasting, and the shops operate a self-service policy where customers take bottles from the fridge and pour as much as they like, and also provide mixers and toppings for the shōchū and fruit-flavoured drinks so people can create their own cocktails. Customers can also bring in their own food or have some delivered, for no additional charge.

Kurand offered a selection of pre-opening tickets, time-limited all-you-can-drink passes and discount cards, and private bookings for the bars on the Makuake crowdfunding site. There was one single lifetime all-you-can-drink pass available for JPY 1,000,000, which no-one went for.