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The Value Press! site has an article on an app called “Snap Nihonshu” (“Snap Sake“) which lets you use your phone or computer to combine your own photos and text with graphics to create a label – which is then printed and attached to a bottle of sake.

Contents Crew, who developed Snap Sake and released it on 4 July 2018, already have another one on the market called Snap Wine which, as you might guess, lets users create customised labels for bottles of wine.

Labels can be created on the phone app in three simple steps (pick sake, make label with photo and graphics on your phone, enter order information) without any time-consuming submission of designs or exchange of data, and according to the site no account or membership is required to create a label and use the service. It also advertises itself as a great solution when you need a gift in a hurry.

Prices start at JPY 2,980 plus a flat rate of JPY 850 for shipping. Labels are printed on highly durable paper which resists water and light, so even after the contents are gone the bottle and label can be kept as a memento. Standard free wrapping is a washi bag, which can be upgraded to a presentation box. Orders are shipped in two days, with an express option for next-day delivery.

The sake available for personalised labelling at launch are:

  • Kihei from the Hiraki brewery in Okayama
  • Hakkaisan Futsū from the Hakkaisan brewery in Niigata
  • Kubota Senju from the Asahi brewery in Niigata

The same company also runs “Snap Bottle” for shōchū, “Snap Champagne” and “Snap Whisky”.