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The Mainichi Newspaper site has a feature on a restaurant that really focuses on rice – both to eat and to drink.

Beishoku-Beishu Honoka (米食米酒穂のか, Eat Rice, Drink Rice [alcohol] Rice Ear) near Musashi-Koyama station in Tokyo has no beer or shōchū on the menu, just sake – and odd sake at that.

The restaurant serves donabe gohan, rice cooked in an earthenware pot, along with sides of sashimi, fried foods and grilled dishes. Its speciality is grilled miso, which it offers 30 different kinds of.

Rice is cooked one bowl’s worth at a time, Hitomebore variety from the south of the Aizu region with a perfect balance of fragrance, stickiness and sweetness. And there’s nothing better than putting the aforementioned grilled miso on it.

A bowl of rice with tamago-yaki, one daily side dish, miso soup and pickles costs JPY 750, with small dishes to go with the rice like chicken soboro (minced chicken with soy and sugar), Korean nori cooked in soy or ikura oroshi (salmon roe with grated radish) cost JPY 100 each. A selection of five types of grilled miso (served on wooden spoons) is JPY 750.