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The Sankei West has a food column written by shōgi player Tetsuro Itodani, who recommends sake with a burger – although the burger may not quite be what you imagine.

Japan is renowned for taking foreign imports and putting its own spin on them, and the humble hamburger is no exception. A Japanese-style burger is served with no bun, usually with a savoury sauce (such as mushroom) and some vegetables. (See the original article linked below for an example.)

Itodani says three things come to mind when he thinks about what appeals to everyone, young and old – ramen, curry and burgers, with that wonderful instant when you take the first meaty bite and your mouth is flooded with brothy goodness. (Apologies to anyone who wasn’t expecting food porn.)

So why would you have sake with a hamburger made of finest Japanese wagyu beef on a bed of vegetables in meat broth accompanied by polished white rice? Itodani says they go surprisingly well together, the sake refreshing the mouth and complementing the rice – but best of all, bringing out the umami of the meat broth.