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The Dime site reports on a vote for the top sake cocktails. It starts by pointing out that although people automatically think of western drinks like gin, vodka or liqueurs as cocktail bases, there are also plenty that use sake.

They decided to hold a vote on sake cocktails to raise awareness of sake as a cocktail base, and featured 15 simple-to-make cocktails with ingredients that can be found in your local supermarket.

The fifteen cocktails entered in the vote were:

  1. Nama genshu on the rocks [Is that even a cocktail? It is however a product from Nihonsakari.]
  2. Samurai Rock
  3. Sake with green tea
  4. Orange Breeze
  5. Sake cassis tonic
  6. Sake coke-hai
  7. Sake and tonic
  8. Sake highball
  9. Sakepirinha
  10. Sake fuzzy navel
  11. Sake mojito
  12. Sake sour
  13. Sake and vodka
  14. Salty grapefruit
  15. Red sun

1,107 sake fans voted on the 14 cocktails. 

The voting was in three categories: cocktails you want to drink right now, most photogenic cocktails, and best cocktails for overseas tourists. 

The winners of cocktails readers wanted to drink immediately were:

  1. Nama genshu on the rocks
  2. Samurai Rock
  3. Sake with green tea
  4. Orange Breeze
  5. Sake cassis tonic

Sake on ice, coming at no. 1, is both simple and classic. The sake is diluted as the ice melts, making a strong sake with concentrated flavour – such as nama genshu – a good choice. Samurai Rock at no. 2 accents sake flavours with lime juice, super simple but not concealing the taste of the sake.

Top 5 most photogenic:

  1. Samurai Rock
  2. Sake highball
  3. Nama genshu on the rocks
  4. Sake cassis tonic
  5. Sake mojito

When asked which sake cocktails they most wanted to photograph, readers put Samurai Rock at no. 1. The sake highball is thought to have reached no. 2 thanks to the splash of colour from the lemon, and sake cassis tonic and sake mojito at no. 4 and no. 5 also benefit from an accent of colour.

Best cocktails for foreign tourists:

  1. Samurai rock
  2. Sake with green tea
  3. Nama genshu on the rocks
  4. Sake and coke
  5. Sake mojito

Samurai rock took first place because it’s simple and allows the taste of sake to come through, and also because it has “samurai” in the name and hey, foreigners love samurai. And the no. 2 cocktail incorporates another Japanese classic, green tea.