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A post relevant to many of my interests! The Oricon News site reports on bars and cafes offering tasting sets of sake, beer and coffee.

Crediting a Kansai Walker article of 8 May 2018 with the information, the article claims there has been a sudden increase in places offering tasting sets, allowing customers to try a little of many different flavours, including pairings with food.

Beer with bar snacks, sake from 10 different breweries… comparing makes it possible to appreciate the wide variety of each one – or just makes it easier to find one you like. The article lists nine places offering tasting sets, but I’ll just look at the sake ones.

Fushimi Sake Village (Fushimi Sakagura Kōji)

If you want to taste sake from all 17 of Kyoto Fushimi’s breweries, you can do so here. The Fushimi Sake Village offers a tasting set with 20 ml samples carefully selected from each of the 17 breweries, designed to give an overview of the range of styles. There’s also an extensive collection of over 100 sake. And if that wasn’t enough, you can order food from any of the eight on-site restaurants and there’s live music too.

Kyoto Sakagurakan

The Sakagurakan doesn’t restrict itself to Fushimi, and serves sake from Kyotango (home of Tamagawa) in the north to Joyo in the south of Kyoto Prefecture. That lets it offer a tasting set that brings together 15 labels, plus menus of Kyoto dishes that go with sake. The tasting set has 25 ml of each of the 15 sake for JPY 1,800, or a set sake for JPY 600 per glass. The articles notes that there’s a relaxed atmosphere where you can relax.

Sake Hall Masuya

This bar keeps you coming back, as the tasting set changes every week. It’s in a converted old traditional house, so there’s plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy. The weekly tasting sets of four different sake always have a theme, such as varieties of sakamai. The bar has a menu of 40 sake, but recommends the tasting set as a good place to start.