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Hot on the heels of meeting Andrew of Origin Sake at his brewery just outside Kurashiki and hearing about a master brewer who plays Mozart to his tanks, I came across another story about music and sake. 

Biglobe News reports on the second release by Miyoshikiku World, the first sake that comes with its own soundtrack, composed by the master brewer and played to the fermenting brew. Tokushima-based Miyoshikiku brewery’s tōji Mamiya aims to create a multi-sensory experience through the aroma and taste of the sake, appreciation of the custom label on the bottle, and the music played during brewing – the latter composed for and played by his band The Rotator

The LOVE & POP junmai ginjō was developed in association with sake promotion company Kurand based on demand from the unconventional tōji‘s fans. 


  • Original article (Japanese, Biglobe News, 13 November 2017)
  • Article on the Kurand site (Japanese, 15 February 2017) Great picture of the label with elegant traditionally dressed Japanese ladies playing The Sex Pistols on vinyl and links to soundtracks on YouTube.