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Niconico News reports on the release of a sake for the party season – sparkling not in the liquid but on the bottle. 

If you’re stuck for a gift or something to bring to a party over year end / New Year, this could be the answer. 

Bottles of Premium Jewellery Sake SHOWMO (聖母, “sacred mother”) are studded with Swarovski crystals and embellished with decorative tassels, cranes and crowns. The line was released to commemorate the launch of the virtual Miki City (御酒市, “sake city”) by the real Miki City (三木市) in Hyogo, and the 80th anniversary of the development of the Yamada Nishiki cultivar of sake-specific rice.

The bottles are designed by Fillico, who have a range of “jewellery water” (I’ve looked at their site and I’m still not sure what they’re selling other than fancy bottles of grape juice with Sanrio characters on them for up to JPY 50,000…).  

The SHOWMO bottles come in two designs, 001 in a lapis lazuli glass bottle decorated with Swarovski crystal – lapis lazuli is one of the seven jewels of the Japanese Buddhist tradition and long held to be a sacred colour. 002 is based on Japanese design elements, and decorated entirely in Japan.

The sake in the bottle is brewed by a repeat International Wine Challenge (IWC) bronze award winner, the Inami Brewery in Miki City, from freshly harvested special-A grade Yamada Nishiki rice. Fruity with a vibrant aroma and smooth mouthfeel, it goes well in cocktails served during the festive period.