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Music and book retailer Tsutaya’s T-Site has a report from Abe Kasumi on the opening of the first sake brewery in New York, the Brooklyn Kura.

Japanese food is no longer a rarity in New York. Local specialists hand-mould rice for sushi, or prepare piping hot ramen. Only in the realm of traditional Japanese food does it still take three years (or even longer) before a trainee can pick up the knife and call themselves a chef. 

And now in 2018, in the city where you can buy anything, there’s something new – a local sake brewery, founded by Americans. Called the Brooklyn Kura, and based in the trend-setting creative and entrepreneurial neighbourhood of the same name, it takes up a room in the Industry City complex.

A bright blue door leads to a modern interior with bare concrete walls and floor. Abe tasted a junmai ginjō, found it an excellent mix of dry and sweet, and was amazed that this flavour could be reproduced in the USA. There was also the appeal of drinking freshly-brewed shinzake, as it was 30-40 days after kōji fermentation. It was delicious chilled or at room temperature, but with a flavour that might grow more intense and improve if left to mature over six months to three years.

The article continues with an interview with founders and brewers Brian Polen and Brandon Doughan.