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The PR Times site reports on a new book from JTB Publishing (part of the Japanese tourism company JTB) in collaboration with the Sake Service Institute (SSI).

The article notes that the number of bars and restaurants focusing on nihonshu and stylish shops that allow tasting (kaku-uchi) has increased in recent times, with the drink becoming more popular even among younger people. However, many people new to sake complain that there are too many styles to choose from, or that specialist books are too difficult to understand.

Published on 8 December 2017, “Incredible Illustrated Guide! Start to Understand Nihonshu from Nothing” turns 25 styles of sake such as ginjō, hiyaoroshi and yamahai into characters and uses them in easy-to-understand illustrations and manga sequences, gently guiding the uninitiated to find their preferred type. It has all the information a sake lover needs to know, including what temperature to heat to, sake-specific rice varieties and drinking vessels. 

It also covers growing sake-specific rice, recipe suggestions for pairing, and a list of recommended sake.