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The Value Press site reports on a new, cool sake cocktail – made with double-fermented sake lees ice cream.

Ice cream made with sake lees, already fermented during the brewing process, is then fermented again by lactobacilli. The FARM8 company combines this special ice cream with sake, like a soft drink float, to produce the “Melty Snow” cocktail designed for restaurant menus.

Double fermentation by kōji and lactobacilli produces a 100% plant-based frozen yogurt-style ice cream, sweet and creamy, and enjoyable even by those who aren’t a fan of the characteristic aroma and flavour of sake. The ice cream can be allowed to melt to change the flavour, and for those who like sake there is infinite variation possible by combining the ice cream with different sake.

The ice cream is based on one called Sakasuke, developed independently by the Prefectural Institute of Brewing, Niigata using special processing techniques.