Fashion Press and Isuta both have articles on a new team-up between Japanese bean-to-bar chocolate maker Minimal and the Aramasa sake brewery.

The fresh chocolate creation, released on 13 January 2021 at Minimal’s main shop in Setagaya and branch in Yoyogi-Uehara, contains the sophisticated Number 6 X-type 2019 namazake, and is described as a way to”eat” the sake.

Number Six is one of Aramasa’s flagship sake, and the particularly sophisticated X-type 2019 type was used in generous quantities to flavour the chocolate. Minimal carefully selected a single-origin Columbian chocolate which has won awards at the international level to ensure the sake’s aromas of white peach and nashi and rounded, delicate flavour were not overwhelmed – the chocolate itself has pear-like acidity that harmonises beautifully with the namazake. The end product has rich aromas and full flavours, retaining the sake’s refreshing acidity, sweetness and short, clear finish.

Also available to reserve from Minimal’s online shop from 25 December, the chocolate will cost JPY 3,780 (including tax, not including shipping) for 18 pieces.


I know Minimal have worked with Marie Chiba in the past, I wonder if that had anything to do with this partnership?

Although I find sake and chocolate hard to pair, sake does go well with more “liquid” or soft chocolate like the “fresh” style popular in Japan (think ganache or truffle filling). They can also be combined in different ways, such as Kanpai’s crossover with Fifth Dimension to make a sake kasu and yuzu chocolate.


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