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Sake’s past, present and future according to Aramasa – part 1 of 4

Diamond Online has a very long interview with two Yūsukes – Yūsuke Satō, 8th head of the Aramasa brewery, and Yūsuke Asakura, author of a book on financial thinking in Japan. They start by discussing Satō’s indirect route to taking… Continue Reading →

Let’s get married – in a kura

Kobe Shinbun NEXT reports that kimono instructor Beni Isoyama is using a multipurpose space decorated with sake-making equipment and licensed to sell sake in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, as a wedding venue. Family and friends can enjoy a kagami-biraki barrel-breaking ceremony,… Continue Reading →

Nada Gogō and Kobe University start sake seminars

Kobe Shinbun NEXT reports on the Nada Gogō Brewers Association (based in Kobe) and Kobe University joining forces to offer Nihonshugaku (日本酒学, “sake studies”) seminars aimed at giving people the information they need to work in the sake industry. The… Continue Reading →

Looking for The One (cup)

PR Times reports that after a month testing the market, low-end bar Chidoriashi opened in Shinjuku on 13 December 2018, complete with Japan’s biggest selection of one-cup sake. Stocked an impressive 200 types of one-cup sake, it’s run by management… Continue Reading →

Supporting sake: crowdfunding as a way forward

Toyo Keizai Online asks an interesting question – why are there so many sake-related crowdfunding projects? Japan is still turning away from sake, with sales volumes declining continuously over the last 20 or so years. According to the Japan Sake… Continue Reading →

Sake promotion in Germany for sake and shōchū

The JETRO site reports on PR events for sake and shōchū in Germany, including at the 25th ProWein fair held on 17-19 March 2019 in Dusseldorf. They took advantage of a group of brewers and distillers coming to Europe, who… Continue Reading →

A sake to watch rugby with

Kobe Keizai News reports on Kobe-based brewery Sawanotsuru, who took note of the Rugby World Cup being held in Japan this autumn and turned the Japanese team colours into a stripy uniform for a limited edition of its SHUSHU brand…. Continue Reading →

Sparkling diplomacy – Japanese embassy staff trained to promote sake

Sankei Biz reports that the Foreign Service Training Institute held a special sake education session on 22 November 2018 in Sagamihara, Kanagawa for civil servants about to be sent abroad on assignment with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This was… Continue Reading →

Harima calling – Himeji gets the word out about its local sake

The city of Himeji, possibly better known for a certain castle, has published a booklet to promote local sake and sakamai (酒米, rice used to brew sake, although not necessarily a variety developed for sake brewing). The Harima Nihonshu Guide… Continue Reading →

All kosher for sake pairing

A few breweries now have their sake certified as kosher… but what Israeli foods would you drink it with? Cookbiz has a long article on just that topic, full of mouth-watering food photos. The article showcases two Israeli chefs, one… Continue Reading →

Ready to rise, part 2

If you think of the new value-added sake as providing the drinker with a special experience, it can start taking its cues from wine. Until now, the value of a sake has been based on its specifications: the rarity of… Continue Reading →

Get ready to rise

Forbes Japan has an interesting but long article which I have split into two parts. Despite ongoing shrinkage, the total Japanese market for alcohol is worth over JPY 3.5 trillion. The makeup changes year by year, as seen by the… Continue Reading →

A Takayama brewery with a winning streak

Atpress reports that Watanabe Shuzōten, based in the Furukawa area of Takayama in the north of Gifu Prefecture, entered 20 domestic and international competitions in FY2018 and beat rival breweries to score 61 awards, making them the most highly decorated… Continue Reading →

Fermentation + fermentation = sake + yoghurt

FNN Prime reports on how Nagano Prefecture named itself the “fermentation long life prefecture” last year and starting heavily publicising its fermented foods and their health benefits, particularly how their amino acids and vitamins benefit the gut. One theme that… Continue Reading →

Special sake for the new era

Following up on the article about the sake that didn’t know what it was called yet, now the new era name has been announced Reiwa-themed drinks are flowing onto the market. The Shokuhin Sangyo Shinbunsha (Food Industry Reporter) has no… Continue Reading →

A shot in the arm for sake sales formats?

Although this article in You Pouch is mostly about the celebrity promoting it, I’m more interested in the product – a new form of packaging for sake. At first glance – even with a close look at the name, “The… Continue Reading →

Sake paired with Japanese food in Toronto

Toronto + Japan Magazine reports on a sake pairing event held on 26 February 2019 at the official residence of Takako Ito, Japanese Consul General in Toronto. The event was also attended by recently appointed Canadian Sake Samurai Michael Tremblay…. Continue Reading →

Starting from water

Excite News has an article on bodaimoto (菩提酛, Bodai starter), often referred to as the original starter method for sake brewing. The method is said to have originated in Shoryakuji temple, headquarters of the Bodai sect of Shingon Buddhism in… Continue Reading →

Best sake in a wine glass for 2019

One of the many sake competitions held in Japan is “The Fine SAKE Award, Japan”, but I prefer its Japanese title of ワイングラスで美味しい日本酒アワード (Awards for Japanese Sake That Tastes Good in a Wine Glass). Having been asked a few times… Continue Reading →

Celebrating changing times

The Japan Food Industry Newspaper reports on a new release from Hakutsuru – which doesn’t yet have a name. As you may know from finding strange years marked on sake bottles, Japan uses both the Western calendar (where this year… Continue Reading →

Best bottle colours for hanami

The Weathernews site asks one blossom-viewing question that you may not have thought of – what colour bottle is best to protect your sake from ultraviolet light? Hanami ([cherry] blossom vewing) in Japan is all about the sake, right? But… Continue Reading →

Doing right by sake, on the side

The My Navi News site “Work and Life” section has a series on people who run a second business alongside their main job, and one article by Mitsuhiro Toda covers an employee of a sake distributor. The article focuses on… Continue Reading →

JETRO holds some sake sessions

The Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) site reports on some “101 Sake Educational Sessions” held with the aim of increasing public awareness of sake. 32 people from the American restaurant, bar and hotel industry attended the session held in Atlanta, Georgia… Continue Reading →

Sake brewing goes high tech

The Fukushima Minyu site has an article on a brewery looking to the future by introducing more technology into its brewing process. Eisen Shuzō in Bandai, Fukushima carried out a trial run of remote surveillance technology on 9 November 2018.

Sake by a woman, for women

The Yamaguchi Shimbun newspaper site has an article on female tōji Fumiko Shintani, the only one in her prefectural association, and her sake developed for female drinkers. Shintani Shuzō’s main label is Wakamusume (わかむすめ, “young lady”), and this sake forms… Continue Reading →

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