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Niconico News reports on a new concept from the Shirataki brewery, makers of Jōzen Mizunogotoshi.

Called “Junmai Ginjō My Time”, it offers six colourful labels designed by illustrator Ami Kanda that give a degree of personalisation to the brewery’s 300 ml bottles of ginjō.

The idea behind the selection of colourful labels is that just like your phone needs to be plugged in to a socket every now and again, people need to recharge too. And as everyone has a different way of unwinding, there are many labels available so you can choose the one that appeals to you.

The 300 ml bottle is just the right size for one person to enjoy in an evening, and the different label themes are:

  • bird
  • space
  • cat
  •  flower
  • music
  • sea

The sake is pasteurised at high temperature for a short time (high-temperature/short time or HTST, also known as “flash pasteurisation”), leaving it with an aroma and flavour closer to namazake. The 300 ml bottles cost JPY 756 (tax included).

Jozen Mizunogotoshi is also starting to sell sake in 300 ml PET plastic bottles, priced at JPY 629 (tax included). [I saw one at the Niigata University stand at the Salon du Sake in Paris. The guys on the stand particularly liked scaring people by dropping the bottle and letting it bounce.]