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The Nico Nico News site reports on a mash-up between high-class strawberries and highly refined daiginjō.

The Saura brewery in Miyagi prefecture released the highly polished strawberry liqueur in December 2018, mixing fruit with their Urakasumi junmai daiginjō shikomi.

Called MIGAKI-ICHIGO x Urakasumi, the box features a red foil cut diamond with a crown, which does look a bit like a strawberry. [I thought it was a joke on the level of polish of the daiginjo, as you could read migaki-ichigo as “polish-strawberry” but turns out it’s a type of strawberry with this name and logo.]

The article describes Urakasumi as a very popular label that makes everything from sake you’d have for a regular nightcap to junmai daiginjō with exquisitely balanced aroma and flavour.

Urakasumi have combined their highly refined sake with Migaki-Ichigo, the so-called “edible treasure” known for costing JPY 1,000 per berry. Junmai daiginjō made with 100% Yamada Nishiki sake-specific rice is infused with Migaki-Ichigo, taking on the berry’s sweetness and acidity and developing a rich aroma. The aftertaste has a gently note of sake.

A 375 ml bottle retails for JPY 2,916 (tax included).