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Two things you may not know about Japan: First, Christmas Eve is the night for a romantic dinner with your partner. Second, they love their puns.

MSN reports on the perfect dessert for the Holy Night (Christmas Eve) – the Chris-masu cake. You guessed it, it’s a small cake presented inside a masu, the traditional wooden box used as a measure for rice and sake

The sweet treats are on offer in the lounge of the Senri Hankyu hotel in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture, and feature sake-flavoured cakes inside lacquered masu. One will set you back JPY 1,050 (including tax). There are two versions, one based on mascarpone cheese and shaped into a tree, and a Swiss roll made to look like a log. Click on the “original article” link below to see a photo.

And in non-sake related news, a spaghetti restaurant in Tokyo bans couples from dining there on 24 December in order to create a pleasant environment for single diners. (Not sure what year the story is from, but the sign is pretty funny.)