Tsuhan News (mail-order news) reports that Belluna has become the largest company selling sake by mail order in Japan. 

Belluna runs the Umai Sake ga Nomitai (I want to drink delicious drinks) mail-order catalogue, which offers 800 varieties of sake and shochu from 120 breweries. A survey by Tokyo Shoko Research released on 19 October 2017 found that Belluna was number one in that market.

The survey was sent to companies in the B2C mail-order sake market with sales of at least one hundred million yen in FY2016. Belluna’s sales in FY 2106 were 1.2 billion yen, up 48% on the previous year. They expect their sales to further expand in FY 2017, predicting an increase of 60% to 2 billion yen.

Belluna responded to the news by launching an online-only celebratory offer on 25 October 2017, offering a tasting set of daiginjo sake from five breweries (1.8 L bottles) at half price with an additional bottle (300 mL) free.