Sanyo News Digital reports that the Miyashita Brewery in Okayama City launched a facial lotion on 2 September 2019, containing their junmai daiginjō Tenka no Shisei (天下至聖), which is made with locally developed Omachi rice milled to 20%.

The brewery noticed that the hands of sake master brewers are white and smooth, which led them to develop a cosmetic product.

The Miyashita Brewery believes that the amino acids and vitamins in sake make the skin soft and smooth, retaining moisture. They also added six types of plant extract, including peach and shiso leaf, but avoided using any additives such as preservatives or petroleum products. Production was outsourced to a manufacturer of skincare products in Osaka.

The new product was named “Moisturising Lotion Tenka no Shisei” after the sake, and costs JPY 5,000 (before tax) for 120 ml with 1,000 units produced. It can be bought at the brewery’s tourism space Sake Kōbō Doppo-kan or from their online shop.

The company hopes it will be popular with female visitors who don’t drink sake. Managing Director Koichi Miyashita commented that if the lotion gets positive reviews they’ll develop other products such as creams.


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