Jiji.com reports that Nihonshu Bar Kuranoya in Shinbashi, operated by Globridge and popular for its café-like atmosphere, will be serving a menu of original cocktails made with the KURAYA line of “drinkable wagashi” [Japanese traditional sweets] from 16 October 2019.

The KURAYA range of liqueurs features sake mixed with Japanese pumpkin, matcha green tea, chestnut and apricot (anzu), and the cocktails mix them with amazake. [I’m happy to consider the health benefits of amazake on its own, but not when mixed with alcoholic drinks so I’ll gloss over the article’s happy discussion of vitamins, etc.]

The KURAYA range of sake-based fruit liqueurs is from KURAND, the chain of time-based all-you-can-drink sake bars in Tokyo, and part of their mission to make sake more enjoyable for more people. Developed in association with brewery owners, the KURAYA range was created as a line of after-dinner drinks with heavy mouthfeel and strong flavours, but also the delicate sweetness characteristic of wagashi. Which needless to say combines perfectly with amazake, recently popular as a “drinkable IV” for its vitamins and other healthy components. The combination of the two gives a flavourful after-dinner drink, or “dessert cocktail” with a short finish.

The cocktails are available for JPY 690 (not including tax) from Nihonshu Bar Kuranoya Shinbashi.


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