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The Oita Press site reports on some new sweet treats available from the Hotel Nikko Oita Oasis Tower, made sweeter with local ryokucha green tea and sake from the Hamashima brewery, makers of Takakiya.

Full of strong sake flavour, their gateau chocolat is made with 62% cocoa spiked with Takakiya daiginjō and finished with apricot jam. One cake in a box with the Takakiya logo will set you back JPY 1,220 (including tax).

The green tea cake, full of ryokucha from local producer Takahashi, has the characteristic bitterness of tea with orange paste and rock salt added to bring out its astringency. It also uses sesame oil instead of butter, giving it a very moist texture. A boxed cake sells for JPY 2,000 (including tax).

Chef Keisuke Okada hopes that the high quality ingredients will both be consumed locally and generate publicity for Oita.