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Celebrating changing times

The Japan Food Industry Newspaper reports on a new release from Hakutsuru – which doesn’t yet have a name. As you may know from finding strange years marked on sake bottles, Japan uses both the Western calendar (where this year… Continue Reading →

Best bottle colours for hanami

The Weathernews site asks one blossom-viewing question that you may not have thought of – what colour bottle is best to protect your sake from ultraviolet light? Hanami ([cherry] blossom vewing) in Japan is all about the sake, right? But… Continue Reading →

Doing right by sake, on the side

The My Navi News site “Work and Life” section has a series on people who run a second business alongside their main job, and one article by Mitsuhiro Toda covers an employee of a sake distributor. The article focuses on… Continue Reading →

JETRO holds some sake sessions

The Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) site reports on some “101 Sake Educational Sessions” held with the aim of increasing public awareness of sake. 32 people from the American restaurant, bar and hotel industry attended the session held in Atlanta, Georgia… Continue Reading →

Sake brewing goes high tech

The Fukushima Minyu site has an article on a brewery looking to the future by introducing more technology into its brewing process. Eisen Shuzō in Bandai, Fukushima carried out a trial run of remote surveillance technology on 9 November 2018.

Sake by a woman, for women

The Yamaguchi Shimbun newspaper site has an article on female tōji Fumiko Shintani, the only one in her prefectural association, and her sake developed for female drinkers. Shintani Shuzō’s main label is Wakamusume (わかむすめ, “young lady”), and this sake forms… Continue Reading →

Flowers for visitors – junmai daiginjo targeting inbound tourists

The Honichi Labo site features a flowery appeal to foreign visitors in the form of a richly decorated bottle of junmai daiginjō. Endō Shuzōjō in Suzaka, Nagano Prefecture, makers of Keiryu, issued a press release about their Endō PREMIUM FLOWER special… Continue Reading →

SAKE100 in the clear

The Japanese TechCrunch site has an article on Clear, the sake startup associated with the SAKETIMES news site. The company announced on 31 October 2018 that it hit JPY 75,000,000 in funding from KLab Venture Partners and private investors for… Continue Reading →

Rising prices for regional sake

The Nikkei news site has an article on rising prices for regional sake, also known as jizake (地酒). The article points out that many breweries are in rural areas, far from the larger cities where their sake is drunk, burdening them… Continue Reading →

Buttery sake sandwich biscuit

It’s always fun to find a new sake pairing, but the Entabe site reports on one that may not have crossed your mind – sake and butter. To be more specific, sake from the Fukuju brewery in Kobe is incorporated into… Continue Reading →

Former Nara kura finds new life as a hotel

The Sankei News has an article on a Nara brewery building that has found a new life as a hotel. The old private home previously used as a brewery was built 130 years ago in Naramachi, the old town of Nara…. Continue Reading →

Why is Fukushima sake so fruity?

The Asahi Digital Shinbun [and] site asks an interesting question – why is sake brewed in Fukushima so fruity? Writer Hikaru Aichi [guessing at the reading, sorry] first recaps on Fukushima’s dominant position in the Japanese sake landscape. The region… Continue Reading →

Sake pilgrimage complete with stamps

Niconico News has an article for any gotta catch ’em all types who can’t decide whether to go on a pilgrimage where you collect calligraphy from temples, or go through a list of sake breweries – now you don’t have… Continue Reading →

All aboard the Nagano sake train

The Hokuriku Shinkansen Navi site reports on a special service running in January and February 2019 in the Shinano region. The northern section of the Shinano Line, from Nagano Station to Kurohime Station, will get a special tourist service called… Continue Reading →

Sake and bacon pairing crowdfunded to 800%

The PR Times site reports on a crowdfunding initiative that raised 800% of its target – oh yes, it’s pun time – bringing home the bacon. The campaign was for a sake and food pairing experience, started by Tokyo-based Forbul… Continue Reading →

Which snacks make sake taste best?

The Asahi Digital newspaper site has an article on research conducted by Tōru Fushiki of the food science department of Ryūkoku University into a seemingly obvious phenomenon – sake tastes different depending on what you ate just before drinking it…. Continue Reading →

Brewing for zero – a look at low/no carb sake

The Newswitch site has an interview with Yōji Hata, director of Gekkeikan’s research institute, about the development of their Tōshitsu Zero (zero carb/sugar) sake. The product recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and Gekkeikan hold a 50% share of the low/zero… Continue Reading →

Sake liqueur made with grapes

The Sankei News reports on a new fruit-based sake liqueur, this time using a variety of grape. Perfect for when you can’t choose between sake and wine? Taikan Shuzō in the city of South Alps [I had no idea there… Continue Reading →

Playing more sake games

The Inside Games site covers covers a new crowdfunding campaign, this time for yet another anthropomorphising sake-as-attractive-people game – women this time. Moeshu Box [moe cuteness/emotional appeal + shu alcohol]  is a mobile social game featuring existing sake labels. Developer SMILEAXE… Continue Reading →

Cost price sake bar serves 500,000 guests

The NetaTopi site has an article on a cost-price sake bar running a special promotion to celebrate serving over half a million customers. The Nihonshu Genka Bar chain, operated by Creative Place, has an unusual business model of offering sake… Continue Reading →

Nada Gogō Go!

The Flyteam aviation community site reports on an inbound tourism event hosted by Kansai International Airport (KIX) to promote the legendary sake brewing area of Nada Gogō (灘五郷, Five Villages of Nada). The event took place on 17 October 2018… Continue Reading →

Recipes to go with sake

The Niconico News site reports on videos released by the brewers of the Hakutsuru label to promote recipes for dishes that go with their range of sake. Snacks (つまみ, tsumami or 肴, sakana) are called ate in Western Japan, referring to… Continue Reading →

How cold is hiya?

The Livedoor News site asks a deceptively simple question – how cold is hiya? The character 冷 (hiya, also read rei) by itself means cool or chilly, so it seems self-explanatory. But it’s actually not so clear, as evidenced by… Continue Reading →

Clearly a dessert sake

PR Times reports on a new launch by Clear on their sake e-commerce site SAKE100 (“Sake Hundred”). The site aims to sell premium, high-priced sake and this is their third product to date. New offering Amairo (天彩, the colour of… Continue Reading →

Levelling up – WSET sake instructor study tour

On the Sankei Biz site, Sake Samurai Coordinator Toshie Hiraide covers the evolution of the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust (WSET) foray into sake education – a study tour for newly-minted instructors. Active in 74 countries worldwide, WSET started giving sake… Continue Reading →

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